It All Started With An Email

I am currently wrapping the production of one of my favorite books as a young adult, Villains by Necessity. This is an absolutely amazing story about how the imbalance caused by the good guys annihilating all evil in the world are turning it into a destructive sublimation by the light.

…the nights grow shorter, and the stars are brighter at night. The animals reproduce more, and the weak and ill do not die as they should, to make room for the new life. The vegetation runs riot. The people are slowing, drifting into ennui of constant prosperity. Every day, the balance is upset further, as more of the creatures of darkness die in the light, and people such as you vanish.

Villains By Necessity, Chapter 1

The way that I was able to book production of this book seems simple, and I’m very glad that I did it. The way I got it was I wrote to the Author and asked her. Well… to be honest I couldn’t find her online, but I was able to find her brother, Bob, and I shot him a message to forward to her. It was super awkward, but I really wanted to do this book!

Hello there Bob,

You wouldn’t know me and your sister likely wouldn’t either, but I am a HUGE fan of her book Villains by Necessity. I am also an audiobook narrator who feels that her book would be amazing as a narrated piece. It’s one of my favorite books of all time and bringing the characters to life would be something that I think the world would really like to see happen. Even though the book is out of print it still sells fairly well (and at a premium price), putting out an audiobook with Audible would bring that price down to a realm that would bring the book back again I think.

If you could, please forward this to your sister in the hopes that she will reach back out to me about a possible audiobook narration of her book. If she would like to see some of my other work, there’s not much, but I do have the website and I’ve got two books already narrated through ACX that are on Audible and iTunes (the links are on my site).

Have a great day and I do hope that you would be able to pass this on!

I got a message back from him almost immediately letting me know it was forwarded and a week or so later Eve wrote me and said HELLS YEAH! (paraphrasing)

That’s all it took! One simple letter that got passed down to her and we were off on the biggest project I’ve ever worked on (clocking in at 20-hours). I’m hoping to find more large projects like this and will be working tirelessly to get them done.

The result of that letter above has brought the book, Villains by Necessity, back to life in some very major ways. Apart from the Audiobook, I also helped to convert the paperback book into a digital format and Eve is going to release an eBook version as well! Printed copies are still in short supply, but with the eBook and Audiobook out there, Villains by Necessity will soon be available for audiences both old and new once more!