Disturb the Sound of Silence

While recording a book, I have found that there are so many sounds that the mic pics up that I never would have thought of.

Normal things, like my kids being awake and loud outside of my office I totally expected. I have a recording time from about 9:30pm – 1am that I normally stick to. I say normally, because if my son wakes up from me reading, he kicks the wall to tell me to knock it off, which is my cue to stop recording for 20-30 minutes. I normally take this time to brew some more tea or review the recording for any sound errors, so that’s fine.

The main sounds that you hear, though, are going to be sort of strange. Your tummy makes gurgling sounds all the time that you aren’t aware of, your lips smack strangely if they are dry, and you can’t touch ANYTHING (including your clothes) while you’re recording, because the scratching sound is easily heard. I’ve had to re-read whole paragraphs because I could hear myself moving.

Tonight, I have Coyotes. This one is very rare, but I put on my headset and got ready to record and I could hear them howling and yipping in the field behind my house… or a few miles away if their voices are carrying. Now I hear a siren going by, which is another major sound near my house since the Sheriff’s office is just down the road a few miles next to the hospital.

In all, sound quality is super important since we’re producing a final product, but it can be managed. Recording when you are sure no one will be around and pausing for minor things (like sirens or coyotes) gives you time to stretch your legs and eyes for a few moments while they pass. I didn’t hit my goal tonight, but I’ll do my best to make up for it tomorrow night.