Creating the Sound Studio

The design for the studio was about a week in the making. It is a small space (roughly 3.5'x5') in the closet, and I was leaving about a square foot in the far wall still for storage. It's tight, but cozy.

My first steps were to clean up the closet. I pulled everything out and rebagged the dress. There were some other clothes in there as well, but those I just threw in the was since they weren't being used and should be stored somewhere else.

After that, I reorganized the shelving. It went out of the closet and into my office where it's sitting under my folding table and out of the way.

Next was the shelf above the dress. This was fairly easy, I simply resorted the items up there and made sure they were neat. All of this is still fully accessible even after the studio is complete, you just move a curtain and there it all is!

Now that the closet was clean, it was time to start hanging the blankets. The blankets I bought are about 7-8 pounds each. They're 6'x7.5' each and are a thick fabric. Hanging then wasn't too tough, though. I had bought a staple gun at the store and it made quick work of hanging them up. The only hard one was the one floating over the storage space since I had to staple it into the ceiling only. No mean trick, I'll tell you that. After I put about 3-4 staples into it, though, it held quite nicely (it's got 7 all together).

With the blankets up, the next step was to put the foam up. I already had this nice staple gun, so I just popped a single staple into each one at a point that will hold it up. This took perhaps a minute to complete, super easy.

I did a sound check and noticed there was still a bit of rebounding sound, so I put up another foam panel behind the mic and a giant one up in the corner above me. No more rebounding sound!

Finally, I had to find a way to hang up the blanket over the door so I can have 360 degrees of blankets around me. This took a bit of thinking, but I finally settled on a simple system where I attached a ring to the corner of the blanket and put two hooks up in the ceiling. I'm the only one who can possibly hope to reach them, but it works perfectly for me.

Moving Blankets: $40 from Amazon
Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 5/8" staples: $30 from Walmart
Foam Pannels: $10 from Walmart (queen foam cut into segments)
Total Cost of Studio: $80