Creating a Soundproof Recording Studio

The studio space I am working with will be 6’x6’x8′ in an exterior room in my house (our laundry room attached to the garage). There are power outlets on the far side of the room, but not on the side where I am going to be working. There is a window, but I’m going to be building over this and may simply cover the window space (though we’ve been toying with the idea of painting a mural on the outside of my studio wall for fun).

Materials List

12                           5/8″ Gypsum Drywall Panels (Home Depot)
24                           Rockwool Stone Wool Insulation (Home Depot)
15                           Resilient Channel (Amazon) (Sweetwater)
12                           Green Glue Tubes (Amazon)
24                           Auralex PlatFoam (Amazon) (Sweetwater)
32 sqft  1/2″            Sponge Neoprine (Amazon)
32 sqft  3/8″            Carpet
12                           2″x6″x6′ Wood Stud
34                           2″x4″x8′ Wood Stud
3                             3/4″ 4’x6′ Plywood

Construction Guidelines

The Floor

Soundproof Floor Model

My floor’s base is going to be several strips of Auralex Acoustic Platforms that will be permanently attached to a large piece of plywood. I will mount the 4x6x6 Wooden Studs over this base to create a solid flooring area and insert Rockwool Insulation in between the studs. I will leave a small bit of space between the Insulation and the roof of the floor to allow for ventilation and electric bypass, which will connect through the ventilation system.

With these in place I will temporarily place a plywood board over the studs to allow me to work on the walls and celing (see below)

Once all of the studs are in place, I will cut holes into the flooring plywood to allow for the ventilation and electric system to enter as well as to allow for a tight fit against the wall studs.With that done I will lay down the layer of Neoprine followed by a double-layer of Plywood with a layer of Green Glue between them.

As a last step in the construction of the room, I will lay carpet down on the floor to help with sound absorption.

The Walls



The Celing