It All Started With An Email

October 11, 2018

I am currently wrapping the production of one of my favorite books as a young adult, Villains by Necessity. This is an absolutely amazing story about how the imbalance caused by the good guys annihilating all evil in the world are turning it into a destructive sublimation by the light. …the nights grow shorter, and…

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Creating a Soundproof Recording Studio

April 20, 2017

The studio space I am working with will be 6’x6’x8′ in an exterior room in my house (our laundry room attached to the garage). There are power outlets on the far side of the room, but not on the side where I am going to be working. There is a window, but I’m going to…

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Disturb the Sound of Silence

December 8, 2016

While recording a book, I have found that there are so many sounds that the mic pics up that I never would have thought of. Normal things, like my kids being awake and loud outside of my office I totally expected. I have a recording time from about 9:30pm – 1am that I normally stick…

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My First First Fifteen Minutes

November 30, 2016

When you record an Audiobook with ACX, they require you to submit a fully edited portion of the first 15 minutes (give or take a few minutes). I’ve been working on this for the past few nights, and it’s a very educational experience. Here’s my process for recording the First Fifteen Minutes. Of course, I’ve…

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Wizards and Heroes – By Clark Graham

November 24, 2016

So, I submitted a few auditions through, a meeting place for audiobook producers and the writers, and this evening I got sent a contact to produce my first audiobook. I am so incredibly excited about this! I give you, Wizards and Heroes, by Clark Graham. So, the first thing I did, because I don’t…

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Creating the Sound Studio

November 22, 2016

The design for the studio was about a week in the making. It is a small space (roughly 3.5’x5′) in the closet, and I was leaving about a square foot in the far wall still for storage. It’s tight, but cozy. My first steps were to clean up the closet. I pulled everything out and…

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