Prescott Mile High Middle School


Daniel's first time on stage was at Prescott Mile High Middle School. He auditioned for the school's choir in the seventh grade and had two solos. Later that year his teachers encouraged him to try out for the class play where he got the titular role in Robin Hood.

During his eight grade year, Daniel continued to help out with the choir and theater, but he put more of his efforts into the nearby Prescott Center for the Arts, which had several productions put on every year

Prescott Center for the Arts


In the fall of 1994, Daniel was invited to audition for a role in the upcoming play Winnie the Pooh. Daniel auditioned and was granted the role of Eeyore. His voice was still developing, but he was able to pull of Eeyore's baritone without too much trouble.

The next performance, Daniel was not cast, but was brought in to help with stagecraft, and was allowed to work on the sets as a painter.

In 1995 the production of Jack and the Beanstalk came to the PCA and Daniel was cast as the understudy for The Giant, but was also given the opportunity to be an assistant director and was in charge of drilling everyone on their lines while the director would be working on the main characters. Daniel was only about fourteen at this time, and this was a great responsibility that he stepped up and took in full.

Sunnyslope Mountain

Sunnyslope High School

In high-school, Daniel's freshman year was spent mostly in the costume loft in his theater. When he got there it was in a total disarray and he spent several months going through all the clothes and sorting them, first between male and female and then by style (total disarray...). He also was an ensemble character in the school's production of Little Shop of Horrors.

His Sophmore year was much better. The school's production was Pippin and Daniel was very interested in the character of Charlemagne. He was over the top and cartoonish and probably the sanest character in the whole play. Daniel studied the character from the Broadway stage play and was able to mimic his mannerisms and dialect so well that he beat out a Senior in the school for the role.

His theater department also had several small performances for the students to try to encourage new members. One such was a small production of the song "Gaston" from the Beauty and the Beast play/movie. Daniel was cast as Gaston after his performance as Charlemagne, he felt this character was somewhat toned down.

After School
1999 to 2016

After Daniel left school he had to face reality and get a job. It's strange with how much passion he had for Theater that he didn't audition for anything anymore and focused on work. In 2003 he went to school for graphic design and graduated a year early in 2006. From then he worked mostly as a freelance graphic designer building websites and logos for various companies, usually only as a one-time freelancer.

He did use his degree a bit in 2011 when he got a job working as the Graphic Design Coordinator for the concessions at the Grand Canyon South Rim. He took photographs of rooms, the mules, scenery, and employees for various events and he even helped an employee with the layout for a guide book of the Bright Angel Trail. Most of his duties were to put the company newsletter together, but he did enjoy his job quite a bit.

In 2014, Daniel moved again back down to Phoenix to work at GoDaddy as a sales and tech support representative. He was using his voice again and always worked to sound helpful, friendly, and professional... even when he wasn't feeling like any of those things. His daily commute was about 40 minutes each way and the radio wasn't that entertaining for him, so he started downloading Audiobooks. Daniel LOVES to read, but with three children he just doesn't have the time anymore. Now he was blowing through book after book and loving every second of it.

It was one night, while reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to his kids at bedtime, he realized that he was emulating the same tone and voices as his audiobooks would have. One night, he recorded himself reading for fun and played it back. It was very similar and he really liked it.

Voice Acting
2016 to Present

That was when he realized that he had missed acting and making people have an emotional charge just from the written and spoken word. He began researching what to do to become an actor. At first he looked at stage acting, but the schedule at work would conflict way too much with any rehearsal schedule. Then he thought about just voice acting. Narrating audiobooks and YouTube and other things like that. He found out it wouldn't be too difficult, and he remembered he had a friend who did voice acting as well. He called him up and got some information.

The search on voice acting went fairly quickly. He went through all of the requirements of the equipment he would need and found that it was well within what he could handle. Then he went through the list of what he would need to do to prepare himself. There were problems with his voice and he knew it, mostly in how he breathed while reading. He pulled up YouTube and found dozens of tutorials on how to control your breathing and other such things, it was just what he needed.

Now, every time Daniel is getting ready to start a recording session, he plays a series of videos that have breathing exercises and tongue twisters to loosen him up. Once done he stretches, goes to the bathroom, and heads into the booth to record.